The Hunt (2020)

As we all know by now, The Hunt was slated for a release in 2019. Due to several catastrophic events in the United States, the film was deemed inappropriate and pushed back in 2020.

Now that the world is preoccupied with other things, the studios decided it was fine to slip The Hunt into the mainstream.

Now that I have finally seen this “controversial” film, I am perplexed at why it was pushed back. The violence depicted in the movie was nothing over the top. I guarantee we have seen a lot worse in countless other projects.

When the violence started, there were 12. Within six minutes of runtime, there were three left. The rest of the movie centred around them searching for the elitists who orchestrated the whole thing. It was rather lame and anti-climatic if you want my honest opinion.

The Hunt was just a realistic version of The Hunger Games, organized by people with power and money. The only difference is this wasn’t done for political gain or anything, it was just merely fun.

If you had your hopes up for this film to end up as a blockbuster, let me say it will probably end up disappointing you. The story stole so many aspects of other films that really took away any originality and uniqueness. 3/10

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