Onward (2020)

When the first trailer(s) for Onward was released, I had wondered if Pixar had finally lost their minds. This medieval-themed movie set around a pair of troll brothers looked terrible. I wasn’t the least bit excited, but then professional and personal reviews informed me that it was indeed Pixar’s next hit.

Despite my skepticism and dislike for Chris Pratt, we finally caught Onward on the last night before theatres closed. I left impressed, with a deeper appreciation for the stories that Pixar tries to tell. If you have a quick mind and can see the bigger picture, you’ll come to see what the real story is.

You’ll laugh and could end up crying by the time it is all said and done. A handful of characters will grow on you because they all play vital roles in the story as it unfolds. Some could say the main characters are weak and obnoxious, but as you watch them progress through their struggles, your opinion will definitely change.

These two brothers will leave a lasting impression on your mind and heart. They truly belong in the Pixar universe because of their courage and self-sacrifice abilities. Onward is a great family movie, one that can be enjoyed by kids for the crazy magic sequences and by adults for the morals of the story.

Pixar usually tries to bring a human element to all their projects, so if you want something to think about, ponder the heartbreak someone may have gone through to bring this story to life. 7/10

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