The Way Back (2020)

The Way Back is not your typical sports drama. It is also not your usual Ben Affleck role.

Filming this particular movie had to be gut-wrenching and liberating for Affleck, who has had his addiction issues play out in the public eye.

This basketball drama probably isn’t for the kids, since it is littered with swears and beer cans. The main focus isn’t about the game itself, but the joys and drawbacks of being associated with the game.

I wanted to actually feel bad for Affleck’s character, but at the same time, the guy did nothing but continuously shoot himself in the foot. He’s not just in a hole, but a grave and there’s no shovel to get out.

The silver lining is after all the trama and heartbreak in his life, he finally realizes that there is a way out. It may be a little too late for some aspects of his life, but the future could be bright.

I wanted to love and hate this movie at the same time. I was recently asked what I thought of it, but I didn’t have a definite answer. I still don’t, to be honest. The story is going to be real for some of you and unrealistic for others. Like I always say in these moments, you won’t know if this film is for you unless you watch it. 6/10

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