I Still Believe (2020)

We went to watch I Still Believe because of the two leads, KJ Apa and Britt Robinson. Together, these two made a fantastic on-screen couple.

For those of you without any prior knowledge of the movie, I Still Believe is a Christian movie based on the first marriage of singer Jeremy Camp.

People have come out of the movie, still wiping away the tears from their eyes. The wife cried a little bit more than I did, but I did shed tears several times. I wasn’t caught up in the story or the heartbreak that unfolded, but rather the performances and dialogue.

This is a really touching story, one that will definitely pull at your heartstrings. It doesn’t feature the happy ending that we’ve become accustomed to seeing, which should catch audiences off guard. Instead of building up your hopes for a happy ending, this story focuses on real-life situations where not everyone gets that storybook ending.

I’ve seen some fantastic Christian movies and some somewhat questionable ones. I Still Believe will land somewhere in the middle based solely on Apa and Robinson’s performances. They had great chemistry together, and you could see it in their expressions. They genuinely seem to care for one another. 5/10

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