Gotti (2018)

It seems like forever ago, yet it was only two years ago. John Travolta received a whole ton of flack for his performance as John Gotti in Gotti.

Despite the fact I knew this movie wasn’t the type I would enjoy, I foolishly gave it a shot anyway. I blame the desire to watch the film on the desire to view all the movies set in New York City.

Gotti was terrible for so many reasons, the top one being Travolta’s performance. I get that he was portraying a real-life mafia kingpin who thought everyone was scum except himself. I wouldn’t say Travolta oversold the performance, but all of it felt incredibly forced. He was trying to sell me something I didn’t want, and when I said no, he kept forcing it on me.

I understand that this movie is based on the real-life John Gotti, who may have been just as animated in person as he was on the big screen. I don’t know who he was and how powerful he really got to be, all I can say is he ended up being a real tool. His ego may have been his most significant flaw, one that cost him dearly. People who always think that they are better than everyone else always leave themselves open for a big blow. Gotti suffered many on his rise to fame and on his downfall into prison.

I know the majority of you avoided this film like it was the plague. I should have followed you guys, and for that, I am sorry. 1/10



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