Cats (2019)

On some level, you got to feel bad that Cats came out in 2019. In a world run by social media and memes, Cats picked a terrible time to be awful.

I was chomping at the bit to catch this movie, not because I was excited to see it, but because I needed to know how bad it actually was. Trust me when I say it did not disappoint. It was brutal. However, I have seen a hundred times worse.

Here’s why I say that. Despite the bad CGI, the wrong songs, and the incredible cast selections, I applaud this movie for one reason. The dancing. No matter what they say about this film, you can not, I mean, can not take away the actors and actresses’ efforts to learn the dance moves and perform them. It was the only part I enjoyed.

I cringed at every new song or crazy cat reference they made. None of it worked, and it definitely didn’t work together. The bad cats didn’t mesh with the regular cats, and the whole thing seemed like a mess. There have been other operas turned into movies, but nothing with this kind of star power. This was a dumpster fire from the get-go, and it just continued into a wildfire that no one would ever be able to put out.

Despite all the hate and the fact it is all well deserved, there was the dancing. I will always remember dancing and nothing else. 2/10

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