Holiday in the Wild (2019)

Netflix may be trying to get into the blockbuster game and become a significant player in the genre. I hope that no matter where their ambitions are, they remain true to one of their biggest successes, romantic comedies.

Holiday in the Wild was something my wife and I mutually agreed to add to our watchlist. From the trailers, it looked like a fun movie about finding a new destination in life, one that was unexpected but was worth the risk.

Starring Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis, you would be surprised to find that these two had believable chemistry on screen. I don’t think either could have ever imagined crossing paths, but when they did, the attraction was instant.

I liked that both came to the same place with a different problem, yet found a way to fill the holes in each other’s lives. As the story unfolds, you are left to wonder what will happen, especially with an impending plane home to catch.

The film won me over because we don’t often see stories like this. Yes, this is totally a love story set in the jungles of Africa, but it is so much more than a love story. Holiday in the Wild is about animals, protecting them, and how life is drastically different in other places than the mean streets of New York.

Most of you have probably already watched this or avoided it so far. Personally, I didn’t think it was terrible, rather quite cute. This film would be another excellent date night selection or for those who have often wondered what life would be like in Africa taking care of wild animals. Everything worked and clicked for me in this one. 8/10

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