Falling Inn Love (2019)

Sometimes I get very skeptical of the movies my wife wants me to watch on Netflix. When she choose Falling Inn Love, I think I rolled my eyes and said, oh boy.

As a hopeless romantic at heart, I often get weary of these comedies because they either deliver or miss the mark terribly. I wondered if this film was going to be good or not and was quite surprised by it.

Even though I mean no offence to Under the Tuscon Sun, Falling Inn Love reminded me of a lot of that movie. A broken-hearted woman takes on the challenge of restoring a house in a foreign country, all the while people think she’s crazy. Although I am not a massive fan of Tucson Sun, I have grown to appreciate what the story is about. How the trials and tribulations of such an undertaking can alter someone’s life. That’s pretty much what this movie about.

I liked how it was charming. The two leads (Christina Milian and Adam Demos) had undeniable chemistry. All the meet-cutes sprinkled in the first half of the movie laid a solid foundation for their budding romance in the second act. I also laughed at the competition, which boiled over between two girls who wanted two totally different things out of life.

Netflix produces excellent, good, not so good, and bad movies. Falling In Love is one of those good movies. An easy pick for a date night and those with an adventurous spirit. 7/10

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