Brampton’s Own (2018)

While browsing for a movie to watch on Netflix one night, I stumbled across Brampton’s Own. I convinced the wife to watch it with me, since she is a huge fan of Rose McIver, and I love baseball. Well, even when you mixed two of our favourite things, it doesn’t always result in a winning combination.

Brampton’s Own is hardly about baseball and barely goes deep into the romance angle of the story. The worst part of it is we’ve seen this type of story play out a handful of times before, and much like everything else, our main character never learns from his mistakes.

Bad decisions and the fact he can’t get out of his own way is what makes the movie tough to sit through. I had hoped for better since the synopsis seemed promising. Then as the drama unfolds, it literally just ends one day. None of the conflicts get resolved, and you are left wondering why the sudden ending.

At least there is no fairy tale ending where our love birds live happily ever after. We get a real ending, where the future is unknown, and it’s thrust right into your face. Chasing the dream to be a professional and the toll it takes on someone’s personal life. There are no certainties, much like many other things in life.

Ultimately Brampton’s Own wants you to realize you better not miss out on life while chasing your dreams. You may not like where you end up when all is said and done. 3/10

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