Black Christmas (2019)

Black Christmas was an absolutely terrible horror movie about Christmas.

That’s it. There’s nothing else to say.

Well, wait, there is. Why on earth did this story get a film? It makes no sense whatsoever. My theory is, frat boys at some college got drunk one night and giggled their way through the script. I mean, no one else in their right mind would create a fictional story about a bleeding statue that turns people into cold-blooded killers who act like zombies. That was a lot to explain, but it’s true.

Black Christmas is a movie that showcases frat boys who follow the legend of a bleeding statue head, who abduct and murder women on campus.

It’s really trashy from start to finish. I feel bad for everyone associated with this thriller, which included Cary Elwes and Imogen Poots. How they recover from this will be something I’d like to see. Only because we don’t give out zeroes here, does this film earn a rating of 1/10.

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