Maid in Manhattan (2002)

Critics and audiences can criticize this movie all they want. Haters will say the story is unrealistic and that a “thief” stole her way into a rich guy’s heart. No matter which way you look it, this movie is flawed from start to finish, but the same people who hate it are also the ones who pick up those cheesy romance novels from the check out lines at the store.

We all want to believe in the love story. People always meet by chance and fall in love, like they were meant to be. Countless movies provide that, with some who never really dig deep in the character’s background on what brought them together in the first place.

I love this movie because it was set in New York, and that’s the place that dreams are supposed to come true. Jennifer Lopez is a single mom who has career aspirations and has worked hard to get there. Chance steps in and alters her course to success, but offers up an opportunity to finally find love. 

Some would say there is chemistry between Lopez and Ralph Fiennes, but you can sense a connection. You want them to fall in love. You also want the truth to set them both free. 

Maid in Manhattan was one of my mom’s favourite movies. 7/10

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