Underworld: Evolution (2006)

Everyone is back for a sequel that included a lot of flashbacks to the original. It is in those film recaps that you may see your favourite characters die all over again. If you have made it to the second one, maybe you are a fan of Selene (Kate Beckingsale) or Michael (Scott Speedman). Or perhaps you want to see vengeance for a certain elder’s death that ended the first one. Either way, be prepared for more blood and bullet casings.

This second film picks up minutes after the previous one. Our hunter is now the huntress, and she’s out to clear her name and end the war. Well, kind of. There are still three more films to go at this point, so one has to know that this is just setting the table for something else. And wow, what a meal that is going to be. As fate and scriptwriting would have it, our vampire and werewolf fall in love. Forget forgoing the war between vampires and Lycans, now this is all about love and protecting those you love. 

Just when you thought this series was about war, it has taken a turn for love. The main villain this time is another elder vampire, Marcus (Tony Curran), who wants to bring his brother back to life. The only problem is he’s a werewolf. As the movie progresses, we get a glimpse of how the two sides came to be and what is in store for our main characters as the war rages on. I feel like they added more layers to the overall story instead of bringing it to an end. Maybe one day they will stop setting up the next movie and set up an ending for all-time.  

I was warned at the beginning that this film may be the weakest in the series. I could agree, but at the same time, I wouldn’t. It was interesting how the writers moved the story along from the first one without skipping a beat. From what I have seen though, in films to come, this won’t be the last of it’s kind. 5/10

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