Underworld: Awakenings (2012)

Underworld: Awakening was the first film of the series I happen to see in theatres. Since this fourth installment came out in 2012, before the creation of this website, I gave it a rating of 3.0 in my personal IMDb profile. 

It had been almost eight years since I’d seen this film and I remembered nothing about it. I would assume that I had zero clues about what was going on before and having watched it recently right after the first ones, I finally understood everything.

Some may think that the second movie, Evolution, is the worse entry, but have they seen Awakening? Not only does the film break from a continuous storyline, but it also leaps 12 years into the future, and now our favourite death dealer, Selene (Kate Beckingsale), is… a mom.

The original story was pretty cool, vampires fighting Lycans for superiority. Now that we are several storylines deep, the trajectory changes because the focus becomes all about Selene’s daughter Eve (India Eisley). She has the power in her blood to end the war and the box office draw that is known as Underworld.

This movie didn’t have a definitive villain like the three previous movies. The object of affection this time is not bloodshed but untainted blood. It’s a totally different perspective of the way things have gone so far.

The only positive character introduction was that of David, played by Theo James. My hope is he doesn’t become a new Michael, Selene’s love interest. She doesn’t need love, she already has a purpose now, and that is protecting her daughter. I’m intrigued by where things will go from here. It would be sad to end the franchise with a dud like this one. 3/10 (unchanged since 2012)

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