The Passion of the Christ (2004)

For just the second time in my life, I sat down to watch The Passion of the Christ. The first time was during its original theatrical run in 2004. 

Considered one of the most controversial movies of all-time, not because of the people associated with the project, but because of the subject material. 

If you are unaware, this film is about the last 12 hours of the life of Jesus Christ. 

There have been hundreds of movies made about Jesus and his life, yet no matter how deep you look, there will be nothing that compares to Mel Gibson’s vision. 

The movie will make you cry time and time again because it is so real and raw. Whether Jesus is getting whipped to a pulp or falling down countless times while carrying the cross, the action is so intense that you will feel like you’re right there next to him. 

The Passion of the Christ stays as close to scripture as possible, showcasing the strengths of Jesus during one of the cruellest moments in human history. I don’t want want to make this review a religious one, but this movie is the birth of Christianity. 

People remember this movie for a variety of reasons. Some hold it dear to their hearts, while others use it as an opportunity to debate scripture. The Passion of the Christ holds a special place in the history of film, one that many strive to achieve but may never will. 10/10

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