Left Behind (2000)

The Left Behind series is a 16 book collection about the fictional end of the world, based on the scripture in the book of Revelations. 

Several years after it’s release and best selling status, Cloud Ten made a handful of movies starring Kirk Cameron. 

Given that the production quality was the early 2000s and by a company that doesn’t have a hundred million dollars to spend, you get what you paid for. 

The special effects may be described as terrible, not even cringeworthy, but almost unwatchable. You can see that the explosions look like they were meant for a video game instead of a motion picture.

Having said all that, this movie only gets by thanks to the performances. Now we could sit here all day and shred these performances to pieces, but they were the only reason to get interested in the story.

I understand that Left Behind the Movie is just a glimpse of what could happen during the rapture. For those who don’t know the Bible, the rapture, or the rise of the anti-Christ, you may have more questions than answers after watching the movie. It glosses over all the details and hits the major points of the events.

In 2014, Hollywood gave us a remake of this movie. Considering how bad that was, you can understand why they didn’t bother to make another one. This original version was a tad bit better, which the studio rolled the dice with and launched a series. 4/10

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