Candyman (1992)

Since Candyman is getting a remake in 202….0….1… I thought it was time to revisit the story of Daniel Robitaille, a movie that scared me at just 10 years old. I vaguely remembered this movie, but I do remember renting it because, like most of your parents, mine let me do some crazy things.

This film is about a man with a hook who murders people in Chicago. None of his kills are quick, and the budget for blood had to make up half of the production costs.

The best part of revisiting this horror classic is I did not remember any of the backstories of how the Candyman came to be so…gruesome. In one of Hollywood’s most cruel ways to kill a man to set up a horror franchise, this poor artist has his soul destroyed over love.

Fast forward many decades later to the present day when a student wants to rekindle his spirit to see if the “Candyman” is real. Well, the man with the hook is real, and so are all her dead friends and loved ones.

I felt there was a whole lot of build-up, and the Candyman appears like 45 mins in which is about halfway through. His introduction is rather lame, and so are most of his sequences. His thirst for love doesn’t make a whole lot of sense since he died for his true love in the 1800s. He wants these people to be his victim, but every now and then, he falls in love with one of them? It all seemed rather odd.

I’m interested to see how the new Candyman plays out because early reports say it’s a direct sequel to this first one. As I look back at a movie that could have caused me nightmares as a kid, I had to wonder what was so scary, to begin with. 4/10

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