Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995)

Candyman II came out a few years after the original because it was so successful. Instead of leaving an excellent thing alone, they dragged poor Tony Todd out to the honeycomb again and put him through this awful movie.

It appears that the Candyman has no boundaries since he used to kill in Chicago and now returns “home” to New Orleans to kill again. Much to my surprise, they altered the script a little bit. Instead of random victims, this story connects Daniel Robitaille to his blood relatives, decades after his death.

People don’t believe in the Candyman, and only his family thinks his legend is real. As fate would have it, stupid is as stupid does, and the Candyman comes to the present day to collect another list of victims. There’s a catch though, he’s going to spare his great-granddaughter because she’s trying to clear his name.

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any serial killers who had children who had children who would grow up and try to clear their names. Imagine if Michael Myers had kids (he actually did), and they grew up to clean up his murderous past in Haddonfield. What an exciting adventure that would be.

The film is far worse than the first one, but at least the change in story direction made it toleratable. I’m sure some people out there will argue with me about how amazing this film is, and I welcome your point of view, just know I could never agree with it. 2/10

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