Candyman: Day of the Dead (1999)

Quite honestly, I didn’t know a third Candyman movie existed, and after a long 1:32 film, I wish it had stayed that way.

I’ve seen some horrible and terrible horror films in my lifetime, and I’ve rated a bunch of them on here. Never have I not cared about the outcome of a movie, let alone franchise, then I have with this third installment.

As mentioned in previous reviews, the Candyman takes his show on the road, this time visiting Los Angeles and our final girl Caroline (Donna D’Errico).¬†

The Candyman is defeated once and for all (until another movie comes out). In this movie, one of the characters finally figured out the source of his power. It turns out his artwork, dated almost a century before, was the source that kept the Candyman legend alive.

Since Caroline wants to destroy the man and the myth haunting her, she enlists the help of her friends, and they destroy his source of power. It was very anti-climatic and I thought the ending got overshadowed by numerous other characters who are not vital to the overall Candyman story.

Thankfully I am done reviewing the original Candyman movies. Although I consider this series far inferior to many other iconic horror franchises, I don’t mind that people are scared of and love the Candyman. 1/10

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