My Best Friend’s Girl (2008)

Since we started dating, my wife has told me on numerous occasions that we need to watch My Best Friend’s Girl. This film is a raunchy comedy that stars Dane Cook, Jason Biggs, and Kate Hudson. After discussing it recently, we finally watched it.

My only comment is I can’t believe I never watched this movie.

My Best Friend’s Girl was a hit, I loved it, I was laughing from start to finish. Cook is at his best here as the guy without a filter and without a heart. Of course, the jokes will not be for everyone, but trust me when I say no one appreciates a dirty joke or prank more than me. 

Just when you got Cook at his best, throw in some raunchy Alec Baldwin, and you got a duo I would watch in any comedy. If these two were given their own project, I can’t imagine how off the walls it would be.

One of the most memorable scenes of the movie has to be the Christ pizza place that Cook takes a girl to on a date. That may be one of the best sequences, but Baldwin’s one-liners were epic and will stick with me for some time. (I won’t repeat any to make sure I don’t offend anyone, but if you’ve seen this, you will know what I’m talking about). Cook also has some memorable moments, including the grand finale wedding reception. I don’t think I will ever think of a fish dinner the same again. 

Like I mentioned in the opening, it is sad I waited so long to watch this movie. If you have the stomach for the material, I’d highly recommend it. If you know this wouldn’t be your cup of tea, I’d advise you to steer clear. 9/10

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