A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)

It only seems fitting that after introducing the world to Lucy McClane (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), that we get an action sequel with Jack McClaine (Jai Courtney).

Although John McClaine (Bruce Willis) is now pushing closer to retirement than his rookie days, he takes his one-man wrecking crew on the road to Russia.

Breaking every international law possible, this father and son duo will take on some terrorists who have access to nuclear weapons. Despite his best intentions, John blows the whole undercover mission in a hilariously epic car chase across the streets of Moscow. Even though he defies the laws of physics and cars, it is pretty funny to watch him drive a little flatbed truck and kill many bad guys.

As the film progresses, you have to wonder if the writers realized that their star was 58, and cut back on the stunts a little. But don’t worry, there are plenty of death dying jumps and firefights, leaving a few more scars for the cop who refuses to die. Somehow, without his knowledge, his son has developed the same traits he has, so while fighting for their lives, he comes to realize that his son is exactly like him.

Up until now, this is the last Die Hard movie, which may or may not leave some of you yearning for more. In terms of story, this is just a grade above Vengeance, but nowhere near the other three. It is the shortest film in terms of run time, so maybe the writing is on the wall for the McClanes as they take this one last trip together. 7/10

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