Descendants (2015)

The Descendants’ movies had never been on my viewing radar. That was until my wife told me they were on Disney+, and I should give them a try.

So as skeptical as I may have been and as cheesy as the dance moves are, these Descendants movies are not the worse thing ever. They are actually enjoyable if you get invested in the story.

The project was produced by Disney and features the children of all your favourite iconic Disney characters. However, these films were not made on a typical Disney budget. You may recognize a bunch of the actors and actresses in the saga, but these stories were an opportunity to showcase feature young stars looking for a more significant break.

The story centers around Beast, from Beauty and the Beast, becoming king and banishing all evil characters to an island. Their kids grow up and have a chance to return to the mainland for school. As fate would have it, these kids were destined to do great things and break the mould associated with being evil.

This film was clearly successful because it spawned two sequels. Some could say the story is pretty bad and the acting is not very good. I could agree with both of those statements, but I did get invested in the outcome. I wanted to see these kids change the world, and that’s all you can ask from a Disney story.

If you love all things Disney and the iconic characters that have graced the big screen for generations, I’d say you’d be surprised to see what happens to their children. I understand these films won’t be for everyone, but we all have a little Disney channel guilty pleasures in us. 6/10

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