Jaws (1975)

There is no denying that Jaws changed the film industry forever. It is a classic in every sense of the word, and even the ordinary person recognizes the theme music. 

In 1976 this movie was terrifying. It changed people’s perception of the ocean. This killer shark made people think twice before they tipped one of those toes into an open body of water. 

In 2020 this movie just doesn’t pack the same punch it did so long ago. As it was pointed out, too many people know this story and what happens. Even though I have seen this film a handful of times before, watching it again today is very anti-climatic. 

If you watch Jaws today, you are viewing it for the characters. Whether it is Rob Schneider, Richard Dreyfus, or Robert Shaw, they are the heart and soul of the story, not the shark. Now I’m not saying the shark is any less of a character, but let’s face facts, he appears every now and then, and the adults are the ones with significant issues. 

The tension in the water is what keeps the story moving on. Whether it’s shark food or underwater searches, those moments make this movie a cut above the rest. No one had ever seen such camera angles, which really forced people to think outside of the box for the first time. 

There have been many movies I wish I had the opportunity to experience back in the day, like Star Wars and/or Halloween. Being in the moment would have had more of a significant impact on my feelings. I won’t take much away from the original movie, but know I wasn’t as scared as I should be, many decades later. 7/10

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