Jaws 3-D (1983)

One of my favourite aspects of writing movie reviews is coming with ratings to drive people crazy. As mentioned in previous Jaws reviews, I explained how the first one is a classic, and the second was a bomb. Most people love the original, hate the second, and can’t quite comprehend the third one.

Filmed in 1982, at the pinnacle of the new 3D technology came Jaws 3D. If you are in the mood for some golden entertainment, watch this film with a 2D TV in 2020. You will cringe and laugh yourself off the couch. The special effects are absolutely brutal. Personally, I disliked Friday the 13th 3D because the special effects were terrible, and this Jaws sequel is in the same class. 

If you can make it past the opening sequence (shot in 3D) and the bad floating body parts (also 3D), you may be surprised at how fun and exciting this third chapter is. Most people mock this movie for being set in SeaWorld, but having everyone grouped together in a small place for shark bait is fun! 

I enjoyed the performance of a young Dennis Quaid who was just forging his star in Hollywood. Even though he plays Mike Brody, the grown-up son of former police chief Martin Brody, this was the only connection the writers tried to keep to the first two films. 

Money plays another major factor in this story, just like the first two. The only difference is there is more at stake this time around. SeaWorld is a significant tourist attraction, with creatures from all over the world in a tiny space. Throw in a wild, angry shark, and you got a recipe for disaster. 

I really enjoyed this movie, more than I was supposed to. I can’t shy away from that. I understand this movie is terrible on so many levels, but maybe it is the cheesiness that I adore. Either way, I am down for a trip to SeaWorld over Amity any day. 7/10


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