Jaws: The Revenge (1987)

Jaws The Revenge has to be one of the worse sequels to any movie ever. 

In standard horror movies, the killers survive and come back again and again. That story works because we know that these characters often have superhuman powers that allow for their stories to continue. When a great shark dies, it dies. End of story. There’s no coming back. Yet, the writers of Jaws Revenge want you to believe that sharks have the power to haunt a family halfway around the continent.

The only fun and enjoyable part of this fourth and final movie is the performance of Michael Caine. No, I do not recommend that you run out to watch this fourth movie, because you will probably end up dumbfounded that he would agree to such a role.

He’s surrounded by Mike Brody (same son, different actor) and his mom, who returns after a film off. Lorraine Gray must have been hard up for money because she agreed to play an overbearing mom with telepathy powers with a shark. It is such a crazy part of the story, you have to sit there and wonder who came up with this stuff. 

By now, we have been spoiled with three sharks who have all been blown up. Those chases and sequences have been pretty entertaining…until this one. Even though the Brody family is very familiar with sharks, they continue to do dumb things to keep the story alive. 

I had only seen this movie once before, and now that I have witnessed it for a second time, it is safe to say this will be the last. 1/10

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