Murder Mystery (2019)

For the love of humanity, do not ever watch Murder Mystery.

We hate to give out zeroes here, but Murder Mystery definitely made us consider adding this movie category. The absolute worse part of the film is the acting. Numerous times we just looked at each other and wondered if we should just shut the movie off. 

In case you didn’t know, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are best friends in real life. They were once roommates and played the main characters in one of my guilty pleasures, Just Go With It. There was terrific chemistry in that movie as they struggled to deny their feelings towards one another.

In Murder Mystery, they play a married couple who finally, after 15 years, go on their honeymoon to Europe. Adam and Jennifer have zero chemistry, and just saying the word zero is an understatement. Watching them as a couple in this one was so painful. 

We plowed through the movie, which also wasted the acting abilities of Luke Evans and Gemma Arterton. The writers try to throw you a few curve balls here and there about who the actual killer is, but you will be so angry with the terrible acting, you won’t be surprised or even care about who murdered who.

For many weeks we kept saying, hey, let’s watch that movie. Well, we did, and it was a disaster. Please take my advice and just rate this movie a “thumbs down” on your Netflix account, so you never have to see it pop up in your recommendations. 1/10

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