The Last Thing He Wanted (2020)

If you watch the trailer for The Last Thing He Wanted, you would have thought that Anne Hathaway’s character was an investigative journalist who was going to expose something that made Ben Affleck’s character really upset. If so, you may have been as disappointed as me and the general public.

The Last Thing He Wanted was another ball that Netflix dropped. Headlined by Hathaway, Affleck, and William Dafoe, the pieces were in place for a fantastic story. Instead, this was one of the most pointless, totally disorganized, and boring movies I’ve seen. 

Nothing about this movie made sense. Why did Elena’s dad set her up? Why were the dealers messing with her life? Why was a hit ordered on her when she knew nothing. Why did Affleck play her? Why was her character so stupid to fall into this trap? God, I have more questions than answers, but thankfully I am not the only one. According to IMDb, this movie is rated 4.2/10, while the Metascore is even worse at 35/100. It only gets worse as this film currently holds a 5% on Rotten Tomatoes with no audience scores calculated yet. 

When crappy movies get released at the theatre, I always go because I just have to know how bad they are. Now I am stuck at home watching crappy movies. I totally expected something so much better. Trust me when I say this film would be the last thing you want to watch. 1/10

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