Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (2019)

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile came out last May and became one of Netflix’s most talked-about movies to date. 

Zac Efron gave a career-defining performance, while Lily Collins showed her versatility by standing by her man while he fights for his life in the courtroom. 

Ted Bundy is considered one of America’s most notorious serial killers. Efron took on quite a task when he agreed to play the “innocent” Bundy. We know Zac from many comedies and roles that allow him to show off his body. This time around, he shows his drama skills as he plays a heartless killer who was a lawyer and played the system to his advantage. 

We know this is just a movie, but Efron does his best to mimic Bundy, and during the end credits, you get to see how accurate his performance was. 

Collins has played a variety of roles in her career, so it was easy for her to go from happy in love to drowning her sorrows in booze with ease. She spends the entire movie with her lover’s burden on her shoulders, which is just destroying her life. 

This film is based on the book written by Collin’s character Elizabeth Kendall, so there are no real kill scenes here. If you were expecting to see Bundy in action, you would be as disappointed as we were. I can’t say what our expectations really were, but we didn’t want to see Bundy just stand trial, we were hoping for some bloodshed. 

Despite what we wanted, the movie delivered in many ways and disappointed in several others. The majority of the film is focused on the courtroom sequences, which were only good because of John Malkovich.

If you waited this long to watch this film, you didn’t miss anything Earth-shattering. If you have spent the two hours on the couch, I wonder if you feel the same way as we do. 5/10

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