Bright (2017)

Bright was released in 2017 and was a film that Netflix publicized heavily to attract viewers to their platform. With Will Smith and Joel Edgerton as headliners, it seemed like a golden opportunity for the streaming service to make a name in the action genre.

Honestly, they failed. Miserably. If you need a good laugh, look up some of the reviews of Bright, and you will be left to wonder why I even bothered. One review said this was the worse movie of 2017. Lucky for that guy, I can concur. 

Bright lost me a few minutes in. Smith, who is no stranger to cop and buddy movies, just failed to get me interested in his character or his upcoming story. I applaud Edgerton’s efforts to put on the orc makeup, but it’s a shame that all that makeup couldn’t make up for a terrible performance.

I spent the majority of the movie trying to figure out what the heck was going on. This isn’t a cop movie, it also isn’t a buddy movie. The story is all about racism and killing orcs, who seem to be the worse people on Earth. Then there is the whole fantasy subplot, filled with elves, magic, and wands… and it’s the worse concept you could come up with for a blockbuster movie. 

The whole project is a mess and very disengaging. I had looked forward to this film for some time and recently heard Netflix is working on a sequel. Why? I’ll never understand. I had to spend time on Wikipedia to read the synopsis all over again because the movie is that confusing. 

Bright isn’t the worse movie I’ve ever seen. However, it is definitely up there. 1/10

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