Love Wedding Repeat (2020)

Love Wedding Repeat was Netflix’s latest rom-com release with two A-listers, Sam Claflin and Olivia Munn, as the leads.

I can understand why Munn would take on this project, she doesn’t make a whole lot of films. However, I have to wonder why Claflin agreed to be in the movie. His performance was so cringed worthy, I had a hard time watching him stumble through his scenes.

This movie, based on crazy incidents at a wedding, is not a movie with a time loop. You will spend the first 45 mins watching the drama unfold naturally. After a shocking end to the story, fate steps in and resets the whole situation. Within two minutes, you get a quick replay of different scenarios playing out before we get one final reset.

During the final timeline, things go horribly wrong for Claflin’s character Jack. Amazingly all other aspects of the story play out the way they were truly meant too. However, Jack runs out of time to save his story and find his happy ending.

Overall, this movie is a mess from start to finish. Yes, I did laugh a few times because some spontaneous scenes are laugh out loud funny. My wife thought I actually enjoyed the movie, but I explained how bad this movie actually was.

There are way too many sex jokes, and a handful of characters were just dreadful to watch. I didn’t like how we only got to see two plotlines played out. I would have loved to see how some of those other timelines would have played out. 2/10

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