To the Bone (2017)

Netflix got a lot of attention in 2017 when it released To the Bone starring Lily Collins. The main reason the film made headlines was because of the subject matter, anorexia. 

Collins, with the help of minor special effects, dropped a significant amount of weight for the role, one that would mirror the appearance of Christina Bale in The Machinist. She wins points for her performance, but her story and acting are not enough to save the movie. 

The best part of the film, despite limited screentime, is Keanu Reeves. His unorthodox methods of treatment made his scenes great. The guy had no filter, which played perfectly to most of the character’s personalities. With no significant beliefs and just a desire to help, his role plays an essential part in the recovery process.

Without a doubt, the best character in the film is a ballet dancer named Luke, played by Alex Sharp. He was definitely the straw that stirred the drink for the group. Whether he was in the house trying to keep everyone sane or out and about scoring free beers, he is the little ball of energy everyone needed in their lives. 

Most people have personal issues to deal with. A lot of them have serious problems that need attention, even when they refuse to acknowledge it. Collins took on the role because earlier in life, she struggled with anorexia. She tried her best to stay true to the character and her struggles. There was a lot to dissect about the subject and the various character struggles, but To the Bone, didn’t really tackle them. The film stays on the outside and never dives deep enough to make you feel in touch with the struggles. 

Despite some significant hype, this movie failed to live up to the expectations we had from the trailer. 3/10

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