Extraction (2020)

Extraction is the newest shiny toy that Netflix released to the world. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Extraction is a movie about a guy who will risk his life to save the life of a kidnapped boy, for a boatload of money. 

To date, I have been disappointed with a handful of Netflix action movies. Extraction, despite its appeal, was headed for the same designation. I was not invested in the first half of the movie. If you’ve seen one action movie, you’ve seen them all. This particular film did not separate itself from previous releases, and there are only so many jumpy camera fight sequences before it loses its lustre. 

High stake car chases, hand to hand combat, and explosions can only carry a thin plot for so long. Throw in the typical double-cross by a friendly, and Extraction did nothing to define itself as a new action blockbuster. 

What slowly won me over and made for a great ending was the unlikely bond that came from Hemsworth’s character, Tyler, and his package, Ovi, played by Rudhraksh Jaiswal. You would think that Tyler’s rough as nails personality would not be capable of developing feelings, especially when he’s all about claiming his reward. Yet, the two experienced so many near-death experiences, that you can see how their bond was formed. 

As the final battle ensues on a bridge, the tension builds, and you are left to wonder who is going to survive. As events unfold, the story turns so gut-wrenching that I became emotionally invested in the outcome. As bullets fly, I was sad at the final result. It was all justified, but I was not happy. The only thing that saved the entire film was the ending, which was so unexpected I had to rewind it and watch it again. It could just be a trick to play with your mind, or it was just a great way to keep the story alive. 6/10

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