First Blood (1982)

Some people say there is nothing better than the original movie, no matter how good the sequels are. 

It has been well over a decade since I went through a phase and rented as many Sylvester Stallone movies as Blockbuster would let me. I had always heard of Rambo but never actually watched the movie. As the years have gone by, and with the fifth movie recently released in theatres, it was time to saddle up and watch the franchise from start to finish. This time around, I promised to appreciate it a lot more. 

Now that I have seen all five films, the first one will remain my favourite. I loved the introduction to the John Rambo character and how a calm and civil man was put through the wringer for no apparent reason. No one would have known what was to come in the hills of Washington state, but Rambo’s legend only grew from that first day.

Even though Rambo wanted no trouble, he found it at every turn, thanks to the bad police chief played by the late Brian Danhenny. His ruthless aggression to be the top dog was his ultimate downfall as Rambo pretty much destroyed his entire town. 

I enjoyed the rustic background and the quiet town in the middle of nowhere. Even though nothing would ever be the same again after the events of the movie. I loved that the film had a survivalist feel to it, which forced Rambo to used unforeseen methods to protect and defend himself in the middle of nowhere. 

There were a lot of gun battles and explosions in this one that will entertain any action movie fan as well as those who love carnage. 

Hope may have been the place Rambo wanted to visit, but there was really no hope after the first blood was drawn. 8/10

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