Rambo: Last Blood (2019)

Rambo: Last Blood came out in late 2019, and I missed the opportunity to see it at the theatre, which means I missed the entire franchise on the big screen. Since this film recently came to Amazon Prime, it pushed me to revisit the franchise that I’ve only seen once before. 

I’m curious if this fifth installment will be the final chapter in the Rambo saga. Father time catches up to all of us, and John Rambo would be no exception. 

This story shows that retirement is just not an option for Rambo. Despite his best intentions, “family” will be his undoing this time and force him back into action. We find him on a chase similar to Brian Mills’ in the Taken series when his “niece” goes against his advice to find her dead beat father. Her search and pursuit lead them both across the border into Mexico.

After everything is said and done, Rambo turns his ranch into one of the world’s deadliest battlefields, which I got to admit was pretty cool. Since he’s not quick on his feet anymore, he needs to be tactical and outsmart his opponents. I questioned how long he had to prepare for his fight, but this movie is barely 1:30 long, so it didn’t leave me a lot of time to dwell on the question.

What I am inquisitive about is how far away is Rambo’s compound from the rest of the civilized world. How no one within a 10-mile radius wouldn’t hear these monster explosions is beyond me. But I’m not here to knock the action since it was epic and hilarious at the same time.

We counted the bodies as they died one at a time, some in the most gruesome ways possible. Think of this movie as a massacre version of Saw and Home Alone, only with tactical skill training. 

Stallone, who is in his 70’s’s now, can still play the role, and the writing catered to his abilities at this age. There’s no epic helicopter chases or battlefield confrontations, just a bunch of mice running around blindly in some tunnels, always one step behind. 

The story in this one is by far the worse of the entire series, and the action barely makes up for it. I remember the reviews for this one were not kind, and neither was this one. 3/10

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