Mission Impossible (1996)

The year was 1996, and Tom Cruise was already an established Hollywood star. Well known for a variety of roles up to this point in his career, Mission Impossible finally gave him a chance to star in a franchise, one still going strong to this day. 

I loved the first Mission Impossible and will admit it took several viewings for me to finally comprehend everything. (Don’t look surprised, I’m the same guy who didn’t understand Ocean’s 11 the first time either). What made the first MI movie stand out was the crazy stunts, performed by Cruise himself, and the thrilling story of double cross and spy games. 

As many know, this movie (and franchise) was based on a TV show from the 1960s. Cruise and company have taken these characters to new heights in future films, but this initial installment set the table for what we wanted and came to expect from everyone. 

What I loved about this film was the story. I was led down several different paths before we find out they all led to the same place. Lies and double-crosses are expected in the spy world, and those involved in impossible missions are no different. 

I’ve grown to love future installments, including the ones with Rebecca Ferguson, but this one still holds a special place on my movie shelf. No matter how many times the part of Cruise dangling on a rope has been spoofed, it is a classic scene in film history. 

Mission Impossible is still the best film of the first three and fourth-best of the franchise. 8/10

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