Warm Bodies (2013)

It is no secret that I hate zombies and most things related to zombies. Although zombies have always fascinated people, only recently (the last decade) has the mass media got on the zombie freight train. The Walking Dead gave zombies a whole new lease on life, and with that came a thousand projects based on the dead.

Like humans, zombies need love too. No one would have ever guessed it from films like Night of the Living Dead or World War Z, but these creatures have feelings. Warm Bodies showcases what it is like for a zombie (Nicholas Hoult) to fall in love with a human (Teresa Palmer).

If you look up my rating on IMDb, you’ll see that after a screening at the theatre, I hated this film, giving it a 3/10 rating. Well, seven years later and a handful of rewatches, my opinion has changed. The film has grown on me. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown to like Hoult and Palmer as actors, or perhaps I’m more open to zombie stories.

The only aspect I have enjoyed from the first viewing is the performance given by John Macholvich. Like I always mention when discussing Woody Harrelson movies, I swear these guys play characters that require no acting, they just play themselves on screen. Macholvich has always been a tough guy with a cocky attitude. He is no different in this one. His serious tone with little to no give is what makes him a great actor. These roles seem effortless for him and make him appear to be a natural hard ass.

I would never go on record and say I have a favourite zombie theme movie, but if I had to choose, WWZ would number one followed by Warm Bodies. What really sunk in with me during my last viewing was the soundtrack. The songs perfectly fit the situation and helped showcase that “R” (Hoult) still has human feelings.

As we all know, I’m a sucker for romance, and I think over time, these two have grown on me. I may be a little late to the party, but Warm Bodies was an enjoyable zombie movie. 7/10

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