40 Days and 40 Nights (2002)

40 Days and 40 Nights came out during a time when romantic comedies were shifting towards a younger generation to attract a whole new audience. One of the leading men of that time was Josh Harnett, who stars in this film as a young man who gives up sex for 40 days, only to finally find love at the same time.

I remember enjoying this film back in the day and convinced the wife that she needed to see it too. I fondly remember laughing at how crazy the 40-day concept was and how all his so-call friends did everything in their power to sabotage his plans.  

The film still makes me chuckle today, but a lot of the material just doesn’t hold up anymore. It was fun to look back at those dot com businesses and how laid back, so many of those places were to work at. Times have most definitely changed, and the only relaxed workplace you hear about today is Google. 

People may walk away from this film because it is focused on sex and how society can never get enough of it. That may be true, but this movie isn’t the same kind of sex comedy like American Pie. This one actually has a heart and focuses on building up a real relationship between the two leads. That aspect has always appealed to me because it does feel genuine and not awkward like so many stories tend to be.

I will agree with my wife; this is not the genre-shattering comedy I remember it to be, but it still has a few laughs in it. 6/10

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