What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012)

When I think back to the best year for movies, I usually start in 2012 and go from there. A handful of my favourite movies came out that year, so it will always have a special space in my heart. Now, having said that, lost among the releases that year was What to Expect When You’re Expecting

According to my IMDb ratings, after the initial viewing, I hated this movie, giving it a two-star rating. Maybe my expectations were so high that when it came down to watching it, I was disappointed.

Whether it was the daddies group or all the individual moms learning and growing, there just wasn’t a story that stuck out more than the other. They are interlocking stories that casually overlap at some points, before a rather anti-climactic finish. 

I tried to give this film another shot several years ago but felt the same as before. My wife convinced to provide it with yet another chance since she really loves it. 

What I took away were a few things that made it a tad bit more enjoyable than previous times. The story with Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford was probably the best (unplanned pregnancy). Jennifer Lopez’s story with Rodrigo Santoro (adoption) was okay, but the whole thing seemed really forced. I still didn’t care what happened with Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison’s characters (career-altering unplanned pregnancy), thanks to their ongoing relationship problems. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Banks and Ben Falcone’s (finally got pregnant) story was just a competition with another couple, Dennis Quaid and Brooklyn Decker (twins), which seem to suck the fun and joy associated with being pregnant and having kids.

I understand this movie was based on a best-selling book and was meant to be funny. Personally, I think this movie could have and should have been so much more. Given the talent in front of the camera, it failed to live up to any expectations. Comedies about having kids are supposed to be funny. This one wasn’t. 4/10 

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