When in Rome (2010)

When in Rome is another romantic comedy with two stars in the lead roles. Josh Duhamel and Kristen Bell meet in Rome at a wedding, only to bring their romance back to New York City, where fate has a different plan for the two. 

This film is funny, to a point. I like how crazy the characters get as they pursue Bell’s character, who they think they are in love with. Thanks to a magical spell, they are head over heels for a girl they don’t know. 

Why I said this is funny to a point is because these four guys (Dax Sheppard, Danny DeVito, Will Arnett, and Jon Heder) are just crazy. We wouldn’t want Beth (Bell) to end up with any of them, and the limits they would go to pursue her would get ordinary people arrested in real life. It’s those over the top antics that can really turn a charming story into a nightmare. 

However, the saving grace for the film is Duhamel’s character, Nick. While trying to win over Beth more conventionally, her adventures with the other guys ruin his chances. You start to feel bad for Nick because he is a great guy and just can’t catch a break. His attempts are fun because they are more natural. The actions don’t seem forced for story or comedy. Of course, these two need to stay apart for the entire film for the grand finale to happen, but that’s why we tune into these movies, to begin with. 

I do own When in Rome and can say I watch it once a year. It is charming and has more flaws than I care to count, but it is still a cute movie. 5/10

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