The Ugly Truth (2009)

Whenever I get asked who my least favourite actresses are, Katherine Heigl is right there at the top. I can’t stand her acting and definitely don’t watch The Ugly Truth because she’s in it. The main reason why any guy would ever want to watch this romantic comedy is because of Mike Chadway, played by Gerard Butler. 

There have always been debates in Hollywood about casting calls, and I got to say that Butler’s selection here is bang on. This guy is what most guys want to be like, handsome, rugged good looks, funny, and capable of wooing the audience. As a talk show host, Butler brings all those traits and more to this role. 

I don’t watch this movie that often, but my wife loves it. I had never reviewed it, so I gave it another go and couldn’t stop laughing at Butler’s actions. He is definitely the straw that stirs the drink in this one. Unfortunately, he needs to fall in love with his producer, Heigl’s character, because that’s just how the story has to go. I rooted against this, but can’t deny the firework chemistry they share on-screen. 

There is no denying that The Ugly Truth is one of the best comedies that deal with the connections and disconnections between men and women. The majority of the story centers around sex and the desires of both men and women. There is a lot of discussion about wants, needs, and what makes relationships work and fail. 

Like I’ve said countless times in other reviews, a lot of these romantic comedies are very cookie cutter and don’t do a whole lot to separate themselves from the pack. The only reason to watch this movie would be to see Butler strut his stuff. Other than that, it is totally another predictable romantic comedy. 6/10

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