Bring It On: Fight to the Finish (2009)

My wife enjoys watching the Bring It On movies. Even I would admit that the first one (2000) was a pretty fun movie. What I couldn’t accept is how watered down the stories and characters have become all these years later. 

Bring It On Fight to the Finish is the fifth installment of the franchise. Since the story was focused on students in southern California, the writers decided to play up the Latino culture. There is nothing wrong with that. The biggest problem they had was the tempo of the movie does not mesh with the story they want to tell. It can be fun to play up the differences in culture for comedy, just this time, it doesn’t work. 

Another thing that really bugged me (and I’ve come to understand how common it actually is) is the fact our lead character Lina, played by Christina Milian, was 28 at the time. Was there no one else under the age of 20 available to play a high school senior in a cheerleading movie? Of course, as the star Milian was given the end credits song.

The movie didn’t work for so many reasons. The biggest one has to be that kids just can’t pack up and move schools to go cheerlead with their best friends. The logistics behind that don’t make sense. I understand the American education system can have its hiccups, but none of this is possible in real life. 

Despite Fight to the Finish’s best efforts to be a 2000’s hit movie, the dance routines and the drama did nothing to separate itself from the other Bring It On films. I thought this fifth movie was the button of the barrel, that was until I witnessed the sixth film! 1/10

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