Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End (2013)

Pure Flix launched in 2005 and is a Christian based movie company that produces and streams content with a subscription similar to Netflix. On their site is a three-part series called Revelation Road, which is one of their original content films.

Since we recently reviewed the Left Behind series, which focuses on life after the Rapture, we figured why not watch this movie, supposedly about the same topic.

I was completely wrong that these movies would be about the same topic because Revelation Road is about as far away from the Rapture and scripture as you could imagine.

Reaching into an untapped genre, we are exposed to a ruthless biker gang whose primary mission is to wreak havoc and cause destruction. The gang’s main target is a salesperson who has a “particular set of skills.” Of course, the bad guys pick on the wrong guy at the wrong time, and the whole movie is about settling the score.

I felt like I was watching the Christian version of Mad Max with jumpy editing and crazy camera angles to make you feel like this was a Hollywood blockbuster. Sadly it was neither and really lacked the heart I was expecting.

I kept watching because I was perplexed. I was curious and upset at the same time. Since I hit start, I wanted to see the film in its entirety.

This movie reminded me that even the most wholesome actors, writers, directors, have a wild side and want to explore their fantasies by kicking butt for a whole movie. Also, though the movie’s focal point is violence, there isn’t a whole lot of it, which makes it easy to watch with the kids. (As crazy as that sounds)

I’m sure there was a solid story angle here, and maybe I missed it, or maybe there wasn’t a point to this at all. Either way, this is by far one of the worse movies I’ve watched on Pure Flix so far. 1/10

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