The Black Rider: Revelation Road (2014)

Don’t let the first few words of the title fool you, The Black Rider is just Revelation Road 3 in disguise. In case you were wondering, nothing new or exciting happens in this one either. 

Josh (David A.R. White) is back again. His journey home to find his family isn’t complete just yet, and he’s got a whole new set of bad guys to fight. The only difference in this one from the second is he’s got a new girl sidekick, Sofia (Hilty Bown), and there’s a gang leader he’s got to fight, Drake (James Denton). 

The Christian version of Mad Max comes to an end as we race through the abandoned desert roads. The rapture came and went leaving the ruthless behind. They’ll stop at nothing to continue with the carnage, causing Josh a lot of problems on his journey. 

While researching the movie, I came across a similar pattern as before. I never felt the Christian themes of the movie shoved down my throat like so many other claims. My mind was probably so distracted from watching a terrible action movie that I never grasped those religious meanings. A lot of reviews out there dislike this movie and the ones that precede it, because they are Christian based. People accuse a lot of these faith-based movies are propaganda, nothing more and nothing less. 

Personally, besides the fact it stars White, Brian Bosworth, and a handful of other known Christian actors, I never ever considered this one to be one of those kinds of movies. 

The acting and special effects scream low budget production, which is all fine and dandy. Some people got entertained from this series while others found their reasons to hate it. I was in neither category because I just couldn’t get invested in the story, religion or not. 1/10

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