Life with Dog (2018)

For those of you who have a Pure Flix account, one of the most recommended movies on the platform is Life with Dog. I’ve seen some terrible films in my life, and Life with Dog is now included on that list.

Joe Bigler (Corbin Bernsen) lost his wife in a car crash and lives a furious life. He’s upset with his daughter and the contractors building condos across the street. He thinks everyone is out to get him. He’s so intense that when a realtor comes to talk to him about his house, he pulls out a gun to make his case.

When a mysterious dog shows up on his doorstep, he can’t figure out why the mutt won’t leave. Despite the dog’s best intentions, Joe is still a jerk. Using that word is probably a nicer way to describe him.

I couldn’t stand his character and had a hard time sitting through this movie. I understand that everyone deals with grief in their own way, but this guy was the worse. Anger management would have done nothing to help him because he refused to accept it. This guy was so stubborn that no matter how many times he gets arrested or his daughter tries to talk to him, he just brushes it off. He thinks he’s done nothing wrong but only digs his hole deeper.

The ending did nothing to change my opinion of his character or the story. The mysterious dog leads Joe to some clue about what happened to his wife, and although he finally finds it in his heart to forgive, he chooses a terrible way to get there. He should have just pulled the trigger, I may have had more respect for him.

Sadly I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone. It’s sad, depressing, and filled with anger. It’s hard to tell a good story, let alone one that would engage audiences when your main character just yells and screams. 1/10

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