Five Blocks Away (2019)

Five Blocks Away piqued my interest because I wanted to see how this guy’s life was going to be altered. It all started when Anthony (Evan Alex Cole) grabbed a man from jaywalking across the street. After that moment, his life and character were never the same again. 

This film was yet another one I enjoyed that got little to no pomp and circumstance from critics. With a 3.9/10 rating on IMDb and no profile on RottenTomatoes, I wonder why no one has ever heard of this film. 

We watch a lot of movies to witness a significant change for the character, one that we either support or disagree with. Anthony was a hotshot part owner of a company. He really had it all and lived the bachelor life to the fullest. Only after reconnecting with a girl he knew from his childhood does he steer down a path that no one ever thought was possible. 

What is surprising is this story isn’t even one of those “someone led someone to Jesus” ones. Anthony had just let life distract him from his childhood roots. Also, though he had it all, many things in his life were missing. He never felt fulfilled with his life, even though he had it all, and the future was promising. 

The writers throw you for a curve when Anthony pursues an investor for the expanse of the company. When he finds out his partner has double-crossed the investor, he’s stuck at this crossroad between what is right and what is wrong. I applaud the way he handled the situation because you would have never thought he was capable of it at the beginning. 

Anthony lived and worked in the same neighbourhood. He visited the same coffee shop every morning. Little did he know that the church center that would change his life was just around the corner. The title Five Blocks Away really fits the narration of the story. When you finally get to see outside of your blinders, you may be surprised by what is around you. The people and places you’ve never seen before can really change your life. 6/10

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