Run (2017)

I’ve had a Pure Flix account for a little over a month now and can say I’ve struck out with many of my movie selections. Run was another one.

I initially selected the film because the poster actually looks good. It made me think this movie would have some action in it. I also wanted to see what Stephan Baldwin would be up to because I was not aware that he made movies in the faith-based genre.

The only thing I took away from this movie is that human trafficking is a significant problem and that even those who we think are safe could quickly end up as a target. As the movie unfolded, I was grateful that I don’t know anyone who has suffered the torment of losing a loved one to human trafficking. I can not imagine how hard it must be to lose someone and never know what happened to the victims.

This movie had a lacklustre story, terrible character building, and a rather cheap production. The best thing this film had going for it was the performance of Josiah David Warren. It was so heartbreaking to watch this guy look for his wife, alone. People complain about law enforcement and their rules, but when a victim falls into a human trafficking ring, 48 hours is all they need to ship someone out of the country. By then, there is little to nothing the cops can do anyways.

I was touched by Warren’s performance. He was relentless and never gave hope. He put his trust in God to steer him in the right direction. While stressed beyond his capabilities, he enlisted friends and family to pray for his wife’s safety. The ending, although was predictable, felt very rushed as they tried to tie everything together. It didn’t go down as I expected, but it was as much of a happy ending as you could get, given the circumstances.

The subject material was there, the acting was so hit and miss, and the production seemed below even low budget. There were aspects I wanted to like, but the majority of it was unwatchable. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone. 1/10

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