Worth Fighting For (2017)

Worth Fighting For kept showing up as a movie that was highly recommended to me. I am not sure what algorithm Pure Flix used, but probably based on my love of sports movies did this come across my feed. 

The plot of the bare-knuckle fighter with nothing to lose intrigued me. Alex (Alan Powell) fights for the sake of fighting. He’s got nothing to prove to anyone and does it because he has to. After getting a gig as a muscle man for the local mafia-type guy; he ends up questioning what his life is about. Of course, things change when he finally finds the girl of his dreams. 

Lily (Josie Burke) has a troubled past and a little boy. The situation only gets more complicated because she’s the local pastor’s daughter. Alex is the least popular selection, and he has to prove that he’s more than a street fighter. 

As we all know, once you’re in a group, it’s always really tough to get out. Most of the second act is focused around Alex trying to escape his “job” and his boss just applying the pressure to keep him in the game no matter the cost. 

Alex and Lily’s relationship is the main focal point of the story, and it’s no secret that I’m a sucker for these romance stories. I really liked how these two overcame their demons and formed that missing piece in each other’s lives. Their budding romance also convinced her father that not every tough guy is terrible.

There were never any dull moments in this drama. The small fight scenes were intense and played up to Alex’s ability to turn it on and off in the ring. 

The worse part had to be the way the final fight ended. I don’t see that kind of thing happening in the UFC or anything, but for a movie, it seemed fitting. I’m surprised this movie garnered an 8.4/10 rating on IMDb. I can agree with the 27 critics’ reviews and say this was a solid 8/10

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