Shake Off the World (2015)

I wanted to watch Shake Off the World because it looked to be a football movie. Don’t get me wrong, there is some football, but this is far from a sports movie. 

Austin (Aaron Mees) is a talented football player with a bright future in the game, only to run into a roadblock senior year. After transferring schools to continue playing football, he gets introduced to an after school group called The Warriors. 

Through the program, Austin realizes there is so much more to life than football. He starts to attend church, his relationship with his mom blossoms, and he finds a beautiful girl to court. 

It may sound really cornball, but this movie was inspiring in its own unique way. As someone who has lived and breathed sports my entire life, I have slowly begun to see that there are other things in life more important than the game. Quarantine has really gotten to me, and having no professional sports has drained my soul. Much like Austin, I have used this time to do other things and find other means to enjoy life. 

What I liked about this short film (80 mins) is that it doesn’t drag anything out. It is pretty straight and simple. The only thing I would have changed was the truck chase scene, where Austin has to fight off some school bullies, but other than that, I wouldn’t improve much about it. 

Austin went from football star to church star. He adjusted lives flawlessly, and he became a better person because of it. Any father who had a son like Austin would be proud of whatever he chose to do. 7/10

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