Hometown Legend (2002)

We have this long-running joke in our house that any movie that starts with death should be great. Much to my surprise, Hometown Legend begins with death on the football field. It was totally unexpected and was the primary shooting off point for the story. 

Coach Buster Schler (Terry O’Quinn) lost his son and retired, causing the town to fall into such a decay that the state is closing the high school. The legendary coach came out of retirement for the final season, only to throw the program into further disarray. His biggest problem may not even be the team’s best player, Elvis Jackson (Nick Cornish), but his own attitude. 

Elvis gave everything and left it all on the field. He’s not even a showboat, but the coach hates him and spends most of the movie ruining his opportunities. Most of the players on the team are fighting for a football scholarship. Meanwhile, some students want that money to save the school.

The entire story arc is kinda sad and depressing, but somewhere in the darkness is light. It is Elvis and his friend Rachel (Lacey Chabert). Together they will alter the final chapter in the Crusaders football program. 

I’ve seen a lot of football movies in my life, and if you’ve read through my site, you’ll know my favourites. Hometown Legend wouldn’t make my top 10 list, but I would say this was an excellent football movie. There are people to hate and people to love. There’s a strong message about community and friendship. I can even tell you that there is a Christian message, but it’s not front and center like other movies. This film is definitely worth watching with the family, there’s plenty to enjoy. 7/10

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