New Life (2016)

I got to admit, it has been a long time since I have watched a good tear-jerker. If you have a hard time holding back the tears, then you need to be warned, this movie will make you cry. 

New Life is a touching story, one that we often hear about, and only pray we never have to go through. Ben (Jonathan Patrick Moore) met Ava (Erin Bethea) when they were just kids. True love-struck on that first day, and the rest you can say is history. Growing up, going to school, and establishing careers are just some of the hurdles these two soul mates had to jump to stay together and stay in love. 

No matter what life threw at them, they were always able to overcome it. But sometimes just when you think you have it all, life throws you a curveball. Sometimes life will give you something you can’t escape from. There’s where we find Ben and Ava in the second half of the movie. That’s also where the film cuts deep into your heart and leaves it in pieces at the end. 

I will admit I didn’t see the ending coming, but some of you will swear you did. I thought it was a nice touch to such a tragic story. As the car drives away and Ben narrates the ending like he did the beginning, it all really signified what a New Life would be like. 

I really enjoyed this movie, and no, I didn’t cry. My eyes were on the verge of pouring down the tears, but I refrained. In the past, I have seen several films that deal with this subject matter. I can guarantee they are not easy to make. To be quite honest, the chemistry between our two leads was not there. I didn’t feel the passion but connected with their emotions. This was meant to be a heart-wrenching story and that it was. 7/10

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