The Good Journey (2018)

There have been several films that I’ve seen in my life that focus on working towards an inheritance. Those stories usually force the main characters to jump through hoops and embark on a journey of reflection to collect their money or property. 

In The Good Journey, we meet Allen (Nathan Torado) and his brother George Jr. (Jeff Prater), who must travel from the midwest to California to say thanks to people their parents met on their honeymoon. The catch is they have to meet a list of people (or their relatives) in specific cities so Allen can claim his inheritance, and George can receive his kids’ college trust funds.

I will admit this was one of the more creative stories centred around inheritances. Their parents were robbed on their honeymoon and relayed on good samaritans to get back home. The story really highlights the fact there are so many good people out there, in the event you ever need help. 

This is also a story about two brothers reconnecting after drifting apart years ago. George is married with kids and attends church every week, while Allen is a struggling musician in New York City. This journey provided them with an excellent opportunity to catch up and bury any unresolved conflicts from their past.

The Good Journey is really short at 1:21 minutes and doesn’t allow for many characters build-up or expansion of the story. It is pretty simple and to the point. The boys have their mission, and there’s no extra fluff to pad the run time or distract you with meaningless filler. 4/10

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